Terms of use

  • Original Form

The original form of the tattoo is by hand poking, though many of the studios don't provide that form anymore, reason of the today's technologies. And now we have a different kind of tattoo machines including wireless macihnes.

Though it's a new era of the technologies in some rare place they do tattoo by hand poke. In some place it's a tradition to have a tattoo by hand poke like in Phillippines and Nepal.

  • Aftercare

Aftercare plays a vital role to set as it is as in tattooed time. Once you finished a tattoo, you should wash it by soap foam thorougly after 3 hours of time and after that Tattooed person should not get wet by water by any chance possible until it heals and before that few days after tattooed, it starts to get dry and in that situation you can put petroleum gel like a drop of water in amount and it depends on a size of a tattoo, which have vitamin A and D. It's better to keep away from sun and dust as well.

Tattoo heal time for most tattoos is roughly estimated 7-14 days. During these heal duration, you will need to avoid the direct sun, hot sauna bath and any other body of water where the tattooed designs may get infection. The clients are suggested to follow aftercare information after your body been tattooed.

Black and Grey Tattoo Studio takes no responsibility for any side effects experiences after a tattoo for those having medical health issues.

  • Needles 

Needles comes in different shape and sizes, which an artist uses as it requires for a tattoo. And it can be use only once for a person only.

  • Hygine

All the equipments we use are well sterlized on autoclave.

The studio is responsible for providing a safer work environment to minimize risks to the health of clients and employee and other visitors.

  • Tattoo Types

Custom, Line, Dot, and so on.........

Some people want to have a unique design of a tattoo that the other people don't have thats when the artist create a new design for a customer.

Lining tattoo means "By colaboration of lining to make a perfect design or to complete tattoo."

Dot Tattoo means "Completing a tattoo without using any lines and make it looks extraordinary, firm and smooth."

The studio is responsible for providing a safer work environment to minimize risks to the health of clients and employee and other visitors.

  • A consent form

By signing our consent form, you have legally signed to say that you don’t have any problems regarding your health.

You need to be over the age of Eighteen and that you have to prove to Tattoo Artist that the obtaining tattoo is by your choice alone.

  • Disclosure

‚ÄčIf you have any type of infection or rashes anywhere on your body, the client has to disclose about such condition before.

You do have medical or skin disease conditions such as acne, scars, moles or other changes in skin that may interfere with said tattoo.

You have to acknowledge it is not reasonable to determine whether you might have an allergic reaction to the pigments or processes used in your tattoo, and you agree to accept the risk that such a reaction is possible.

  • Company Right·

Black & Grey Tattoo Studio reserves the right to refuse ink tattoo you for any reason.

We have a zero tolerance on offensive language and behavior.

 You are not under influence of drugs or alcohol during tattooing process for health and safety reason.

  • Communication

If you have any questions before, during or after your tattoo, feel free to contact us in possible medium.


What We Offer


For premium result, at our tattoo shop we combine modern technics with traditional ones.


Laser removal

If you are tired of your tattoos, in our salon we provide a service of laser tattoo removal.

Laser removal


Want some extra holes in your body? Our piercing masters will make some for you.


Tattoo cover up

Got some old tattoos that you don’t find pretty? Our talented artists will cover it up for you.

Tattoo cover up

Tattoo Removal with skin colour

We specilized in tattoo removal with safest way in good hygienic manner.

Tattoo Removal with skin colour